So, I just heard back from one of the places I interviewed at for Georgia Southern, and I didn’t get the position. šŸ™Ā  It wasn’t one that I really wanted to begin with, but that’s one half of my options right now for attending, so I am a little bit bummed, and of course I am not questioning if I am supposed to be there. I was pretty confident that this was what God wanted for the next step of my life, and I knew that if it was, He would provide a way for it to happen, but like always, I am starting to question myself. Do I have this planned out for what I want, or for what God wants? I am pretty worried that all of this work and planning is going to lead to nothing, and I have no clue what to do if it does. Well, one more chance left, maybe two if something opens up, but we will have to see. I am feeling pretty dejected right now.