I am definitally noticing a destructive trend here…all my posts seem to happen after midnight. I must be a vampire or something. Bleh, just never seems like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done. So this is going to be just a general update, since I can’t think of anything profound to say, and I feel like typing. The weather is starting to get a little warmer, which is great. Soon I’ll be able to afford to replace the windshield from when I laid the bike over, and then I am back on her! I could ride without it, but wow, it’s windy. I really miss riding, it seemed like lately that has been my only little indulgence I was allowed, some bike time. Now I can’t have that! But that will be fixed soon. I’m on an iPod kick, buying accessories for the thing to make it easier to use and all of that. I think I do have an addiction to new stuff, and fun gadgets, but I get few joys in life, so I might as well enjoy these.

This last semester of school is going by like totally quick. It is almost spring break. I heard a group from BCM is going to New Orleans this year for a mission trip. I wish them all luck, I didn’t like the place when it wasn’t blown over, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like thrashed as it is. I, myself, may be going to Louisiana. My uncle is pretty sick, and they say he isn’t going to make it long if some things don’t go right pretty soon. I may not be able to go, however, because I have to schedule a time to take the GMAT, and if you break that time, you are out like $250. So crazy to pay that much for a test, but graduate school is worth it. I am hoping things work out with that, if they do I may end up in Statesboro full time, it all depends on what happens.

Looking back over what I just wrote, there is a lot of stuff in my life that is hinging on what happens 😛 Seems like nothing can be straight, cut, and dry with me. Anyway, I am just babbling while I rip a few CD’s, and that is done, so no more babbling.