So it has been a little while since I have posted anything. School life has been super busy, and it seems like you never catch up on the work that is due, but at the end of the semester when you sit back you feel like you have a sense of getting stuff done, so that is pretty cool. I’m almost done with two of my classes, and tomorrow another will be tacked on to that list. The next couple of days I’ll be super focused on getting everything done that I need to, and then bam, take a few finals and I’m done! Finals week is going to be nice, because I’ll just be working, then taking tests. And we all know how much I study for tests…so mainly I’ll be working. Then the break, which I need pretty bad. I’m really losing my focus with school, I guess because there really hasn’t been anything new introduced in the whole environment in so long that I am getting complacent.

Things at the church are going pretty good, but I am busy there too. We had several truckloads of dirt (like 52) dropped this, and last week, and the leveling for the foundation is almost done. We looked at a rough draft of the building plan last night. It had a few things in it that really needed to be fixed, but things seem to becoming more and more solid every day. Won’t be long before a new building will be sitting there and it will be full of kids, alllllll day long. I’m going to get to have fun with it though, because we are looking at setting up a touch panel admission system, with possibly a barcode attachment. Also I think I will get to setup a camera system, and some fun little toys to go with that. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I really like the hands on stuff that I get to do with it.

I am kinda preoccupied with something today, so it is hard to focus right now. Part of me just wants to lay down and kinda tune out the world for a while. If only I could really do that. Sometimes the pressures of this world are so great, and we put ourselves into situations where we are right on the edge of snapping under the weight that we put on ourselves. I’ve been trying to relax along with work, to be sure that I have a good balance in my life, but sometimes it feels like I’m going to break down from the stress. It normally doesn’t bother me much, but when everything hits you at once, the way it seems it has lately, you feel like you can’t stand up to the blows. But, there is always tomorrow, and the sun shines brightest after a little bit of shadow, so maybe things will be ok.