Life in the fast lane! I am crusing along, trying to keep up. If it is any indicator of how busy I have been, I picked up my iPod today and had 32 podcasts that I haven’t heard yet. Owwie. Considering I only get like 4-6 a week. I haven’t had time to breath, much less to post. But, I’m back from the break and at work, and this will be the last post in a while, because if I have time to sit at a computer, I have time to take care of my shopping list of work to do. Here’s a brief list of stuff that must get done:

1. 11 online quizzes for Business Leadership
2. 1 Research Paper on Leadership, complete with Presentation due Monday!
3. 3 Papers for Seminar on information systems.
4. Roughly 7 Wall Street Journal Posts for Seminar
5. Roughly 35 small projects for Systems Analysis and Design
6. 6 online quizzes for Systems
7. A complete lab book for Biology.
8. 1 Persuasive speech

So, I think I may have a little bit to get done. I have a really great layout for all the work to get completed, and hopefully it will work. I’m always this way with school projects. Unless it is right there in my face I put it off until the last minute.

In other news, my parents visited for Thanksgiving. Was pretty fun, we went out to eat for Thanksgiving. Friday night I took Rachel out for her birthday. Yay! Other than that, not much else got done. I need to do laundry, but who has time for that?! Anyway…time to get back to work.