So much has been going on, I haven’t really had any time to make a post. Life is just kinda sweeping me away, and I admit I have been letting it push me along, content in its current. Things have been going great! I’ve been super busy, and will be that way until after school ends. Thanksgiving break is going to be a blessing, and a curse. I’ll love the time off, but I will still need to do some work during that time.

My parents will be here tomorrow (Wednesday) night. They are driving straight through from what I hear, so it is going to be a rough trip! I’m pretty sure they will be dead by the time they get here. Tonight we are going to one of the church members house to hang out with him and his wife, so that will be pretty fun. Thursday is turkey day! I think we are having a traditional Thanksgiving meal at Ryan’s…haha. My dad is like, “Why cook when we can go out?” Friday is a certian BUM’s birthday. That’s all I will say about that. Muhaha. Then there is the weekend, and wow, that week is over before it began. Anyway, I got to preach at the Nursing Home tonight, so I better look over my stuff.