First off, it’s getting real difficult to think of blog titles, so don’t ridicule me about originality. Secondly, Ugh! I’m in a bleh mood today. I had another one of those dreams. You know the kind, the ones that seem very important, but when you wake up, you can’t remember anything about them and it bugs you the rest of the day cause you know something in that dream meant something you should know. That’s where I am…and it is very annoying. I have had them for the past couple of days, and anybody who knows me, knows I can’t stand not knowing something when it seems important. Bleh, being a know it all bites.

Anyway, this weekend wasn’t productive at all. I had a list of things I really wanted to get done, and of course that list got scrapped. Speaking of lists, Business Leadership was talking about the stress making a list creates. I never really realized it, but it really does pile on a load of stuff you “have to do”. The better way to look at it is compile the results you wish to have at a given period of time. Being more goal oriented, this doesn’t give off a “must do” vibe, but more of “will do” aura. Anyway, my list got delisted. Friday night I ended up playing Lego Star Wars with Terry…shame on me. Hilarious game. Saturday we grilled out stuff, and I got up late to begin with so I didn’t get much done. That night I think we watched movies, Mission Impossible Three…MUCH better than MI:2. Other than that, I don’t remember doing anything so there must not have been anything important going on. Sunday was a typical Sunday. Went to church, managed to take a twenty minute nap (bleh, naps keep getting shorter). Spent the rest of the time before I went to pick people up on the bus playing video games (yet again). Notice the slacker trend, as to why nothing got done?

Anyway, maybe later I’ll post something a little more meaningful to life.