Well, Fall break came and went (usually happens when fall break is only a DAY!) without much happening. Friday was kind of a lazy day. In fact, it was so lazy I can’t remember it! Maybe I need some Ginkgo or something. Anywho. Apparently nothing important happened Friday, else I would remember. Saturday was a good day, had the Fall Festival at the church. I got out of doing the dunk booth cause it was pretty windy, and the water was freezing cold. So I mainly just walked around and chatted with people, made sure everything was going alright. Then, after the Fall Festival, we had the youth party. Me and about six other people left early, and hid along the trail where the youth were going to be coming from on their hayride. We had fireworks go off, and two guys with chainsaws (sans the blades) and me with a battle axe (muhahahah). It was rather loud with all the screaming, so I hope we got them good. I got lots of mean looks at the party, so I guess that we did pretty good. Sunday was a pretty easy day. I actually took it a little too easy, and didn’t get anything done. The bus broke down on the way from dropping the youth off Sunday morning. Blasted broken belts! I actually woke up this morning before the alarm clock, a practice I had during the summer, but one that I have since broken (now I usually wake up about an hour after it goes off :P) I think maybe I am finally getting into the swing of things.

So today is the beginning of the week, and I am happy. Managed to ride the bike today, and got some miles out of it cause I had to go to town between work and class and deposit my check. So now I am hungry, waiting to get off so I can go get something to eat, then hit the student center cause I have a lot of work to get done, and I know I won’t do it if I go home. AHKgajkdghaetamdbgjdgfadjgf.

Sorry. Sometimes you just feel like freaking out on the keyboard.