So…we got some much needed rain last night, sadly though, that makes the satellite shut off. Also, it makes ALL the power shut off. Dunno why, but the juice went juiceless last night. Was sorta confusing, cause I woke up to the TV turning on. It does that when the power goes off, it turns back on. I was like…what in the world?! So I am fumbling for the remote to turn it off in the middle of the night.

What’s up with the FENCE down the MIDDLE of Jordan parking lot?! I KNEW we were gonna get shafted by the new builidng. The biggest parking lot for commuters on campus and it gets cut in half. BLEH. BLEH BLEH. That means there are going to be all out wars for parking spots. This was not the brightest thing for them to do. If I have to park by Snooks and walk the half a bloody mile to Jordan, I’m gonna stab somebody with a dull spoon. And, of course, the one warm day we get, it is raining, so no bike. Something better change quick, or I’m gonna revolt! πŸ˜›