So I fell asleep last night…with my laptop on my lap, and stayed that way for about three hours. I was wide awake, then suddenly I was waking up. Not quite sure what happened, I guess I am more tired than I thought. I’m looking forward to my day off Friday, maybe I can actually get some real rest. It seems like lately, the more I try to rest, the more tired I am. I have no clue what is going on with that. Maybe I need to buy some Lunesta or something 😛

Great news…my luggage made it back to me! Was delivered last night about midnight! At least I got the stuff back. I was really worried that they were going to lose it totally, and I’d be stuck having to replace a lot of stuff, and trying to remember what it was I had in my bag. Oh, and I found out that most airlines won’t replace anything electronic in your checked luggage, they say you should carry all that stuff in carry on. Hrmph. Anyway, that means we can go pick up the van tomorrow, which will be nice. Anywho, my eyes are starting to drift so I need to go take a walk. It’s cold outside! It should be illegal to be cold.