So my saddlebags for my bike came in yesterday. I put them on and got all in the riding spirit, specially since I haven’t been around to ride it for the past couple of days. So this morning I was going to chance the cold and take it to work. I got about a mile down the road before I realized my fingers were about to get freezer burn and were starting to throb. My thumb still burns and it’s been several hours, so I imagine I did some kind of permanent damage. Yay! This makes me sad, because I am afraid I am going to have to park the bike for a while.

I’m a little down today, from a combination of things. I just have so much stuff on my mind that I am really lost as to what to do sometimes. I really just wish I could figure things out and have my life work. Sometimes I feel like I’m not even really living, just going through the motions. Maybe I’ll be able to find some clarity sometime. Or even better, a date to distract me (yah, right). Oh, well. Life goes on, or so I am told.

Nikki..I do have gloves, you punk! They just have breathing holes…need full leather ones.