Ok, so it has been a long, hectic week since Thursday. I’ll do my best to line out the details, but so much has happened that I am not sure I will remember everything….

We left Thursday morning at 3:30 a.m. and made it to Macon by 6:00. Went through the little car parking thing and got our ticket, and I told Terry that maybe we should put it in the van so we wouldn’t lose it. He told me he’d put it in his wallet, that way he would know for sure he wouldn’t lose it (Remember this, cause it’s important later on in the story). Well, we get to the counter to pick up our tickets, and the guy is like, “Wow, you are early, we can put you on the 6:40 flight instead of the 7:27 flight and you can get to Atlanta early.” We are thinking, that’s great, so…we end up boarding the plane at 7:40. Catch that? And this is the early flight, mind you. So we get out on the runway, and the captain says we are grounded because of fog. So, we leave Macon at 9:30. We get to Atlanta at 9:50. We waited that whole time for a 20 minute connection. As soon as we get to the airport we have to run to the other plane, which is actually on time and scheduled to leave at 9:53. We make it, and the rest of the trip wasn’t so bad, cept the lady didn’t wake us up for our little snack that they serve.

Well, we get there and find out Terry’s old church is causing loads of problems. I won’t go into detail, they aren’t for sharing, just know that it caused lots of problems. Anywho, everything with the funeral went ok. My mom didn’t handle it well at all, and it broke my heart more to see her in such pain than to be there for the funeral. But those are issues I’m not going to deal with on here…or maybe ever.

The fun started after the funeral. My ex’s parents wanted to see me, so I went over there and spent a few hours talking to them. Mom and Dad and Terry went to go see a movie, and somehow his wallet either got lost, or stolen, or both. Well, since he was kinda upset about everything that was going on, he didn’t notice. Well, it isn’t until the next day that he realizes it’s gone. So we go all around looking for it, and can’t find it. We finally reason out that one of the kids that cleans the theater must have taken it. We chalk it up to being lost, and give up because we spent an entire day looking for it. Well, dad moves our flight back a day so we can be there to take care of some things. Then we realize without his ID, Terry can’t get on the plane. We have to find two forms of written ID, and Dad manages it. We go to church Sunday, then head straight to Shreveport to get on the plane. Terry’s ticket is flagged for Special Screening because his lack of ID, and I just knew he was going to get a body cavity search, but no, just real close inspection. Our flight out is delayed for two hours (yet again). We make it to Atlanta just in time to run to the other plane (again). We get back to Macon about 11:00, and guess what? Our luggage didn’t make it with us! Yay!

So we go through the process of trying to find out where it was, we get this neat little claim ticket saying they lost it and will find it before Christ returns. Bad news…Terry’s keys were in the luggage. Now on the flight back from Atlanta, I had to bust out laughing because remember how Terry said we wouldn’t lose our car thingy cause it was in his wallet…well there yah go 😛 So now we can’t check the car out, and we don’t have the key to it. A nice cop gives us a ride to a Waffle House and we wait for Kat to get there to pick us up. So, I got home at about 3:40. Needless to say it has been a real killer of a weekend. That’s about all the details I am going to share.