Ok, so we go to pick up my motorcycle yesterday, and the guy gets a real sincere look on his face, pulls me aside and gives me the “woe is me, we are overworked, understaffed” routine. I figured I’d give him the benefit of the doubt because he told me it would be ready this morning, 8:30 AM. So, I tell my boss that at 8:30 AM I won’t be there because I have to pick up my bike. I get all my stuff so I can just ride the thing in to work. I get there, and they haven’t started it yet. So…I’m very irritated at this point, as is Terry. The guy better get us a big discount, because I’ve had to take off work like three times to check on this thing. And it’s only an hour job! That’s what I don’t get! One hour! And they have had it for two weeks! TWO!!!! Ok, enough ranting.

So I got to use my laptop in class today, that was pretty nice. Except for Biology, she told me I couldn’t use it cause it wasn’t fair. I don’t quite get that, but this is the same professor that lectures us every class on how Amercians are lazy and don’t study. Constantly. Anyway, we finally have wireless in the business building (ahh, the joy of a small campus) so I can do stuff on the internet in there, sadly only three of my classes are there. But, fortunately, so is the office in which I work. Anyway, I need to get some work done. I’m tired of using a written phone log so I am going to write a little program to keep track of calls.