It’s amazing how, as someone who shall remain nameless calls us, computer nerds are facinated by the simplest things. So I got my laptop yesterday, and was working on getting it setup, and went to Microsoft to do the updates and saw that IE 7 RC1 was out, so I downloaded that, and Media Player 11 beta. I installed them, and was completely facinated. The new media player looks like a black iPod, and IE works so much better compared to IE 6. It’s so much more simple, and the tabbed browsing will make all those Firefox users out there happy. And the coolest thing is you can adjust the colors! How simple minded am I that I get amused that you can change the color on stuff. I’m also doing a beta trial on Windows Live Mail, and they just setup a thing where you can change your window’s color. That’s so spiffy.

I’m STILL installing software on my laptop. I never realize until I have to reinstall everything just how much stuff I use, and how much room it takes up. But I have to have it all. It’s amazing too how computers advance. When I first installed Visual Studio 2003 on my computer like two years ago, it took four hours to install. The next new one I bought it took three hours, and this time it is only taking an hour and a half. And my processor is slower on my new laptop! Go Dual Core! Wooo.

I’m still playing with the new features on my laptop. Like the fingerprint scanner. And it’s so much smaller and lighter. I love it. I’m going to take it by the church today and try to get it completely integrated into the sound and video system. Once I do, I’ll actually be able to control most of our stuff with just my laptop. Muhahaha. In other news…going to try and get my motorcycle back today. If they haven’t put the tires on yet I think I’m just going to take it some place else, they’ve had more than enough time to finish an hour long job. I need to get a haircut today, and go by the bank. Also need to pay a couple of bills, which will take away the point of going by the bank. 😛

Anyway, going to finish up some work and play with my laptop.