Couldn’t get anything done yesterday because the internet is down at the house. I really hope it is on their end this time. That blasted satellite is more trouble than it is worth sometimes. The weather has been a little cloudy, so maybe it’s just right to screw everything up. If it isn’t back up this afternoon when I get home, though, I’ll have to call the company to see if everything is ok on their end. If it is…ugh, I hate to think of what we will have to do this time to fix it.

Other news…my laptop comes in today! Yay, I’ll be back on the mobility train. Let’s just hope it works the way I want it to. I’m already feeling a memory upgrade is needed, perhaps max it out. I’m not sure, we will have to see. I got something in my campus mail yesterday, and I’m not quite sure if I was the one who was supposed to get it. Was a balloon, saying Thinking of you…I’m not sure who could have sent it if it wasn’t a mistake, but I have a good feeling somebody is wondering where their balloon went. 😛

I really am in need for a break. Between work and classes, I’m about dead. It’s not that I do a whole lot, just that I am always doing something. Include in that the fact that I haven’t had much time to just hang out, or to get away, I’m nearly at the end of my rope. I need a vacation to some place far away. If only I could afford to go! Oh well, things will slow down sometime, it may be after I graduate, but they eventually will slow down. Anyway, enough typing on a blog that nobody reads. 😛