Ok, so I have a four minute attention span today. My mind is wandering more than a lost kid at Octoberfest. Why you’d bring a kid to Octoberfest, I dunno, but still. I had a midterm today, and it was one of those nasty feelings, where you get done nearly ten to fifteen minutes before everybody else, and so you have this idea that you are either the biggest genius in the world, and finished early cause you knew the answers, or you are the biggest dummy in the world, and finished early cause you didn’t know the answers. Either way, I finished early! I’m not the type to linger over a test. If I don’t know the answer when I first look at the question, I have exactly four seconds to think about it before I move on. Why, you ask? I’m glad you did ask. Because when you strain your brain trying to find an answer that most likely is not there, you scramble up allllllllll the other stuff you know, and so the next answer doesn’t pop out at you, further forcing you to scramble. You see the vicious cycle forming already, don’t you? One should be calm, objective, and measured when taking a test. Anything less, and you have the makings of emotional disaster with a bad grade chaser.

So, nothing to do at work as of yet. I’ve got two papers to finish, several things for Systems Analysis and Design, several Wall Street Journal posts to make, all on a computer that needs to be whacked with the death stick, and no hope of my laptop coming in before Wednesday. I have to go call the people as SOON as I get off work to let them know that yes, I did give them my credit card information and spent a very long time checking out and paying their website to buy the product that they have listed. Ugg. Of course I want the laptop. Stupid verification process. Anywho, my attention has shifted again, and Xanga is not keeping it.