Wow, it’s Saturday night already. The days just seem to go by without asking permission. Anyway…got nothing but laundry done today. Ok, so I didn’t get it all done, I’m still waiting on a few things to go through the wash and then have to dry. None of the stuff that needed to get done, got done. I spent an hour in front of the grill, made lots of hamburgers and hot dogs and sausage for the next week as leftovers. I’ve got a TON of work to do, since it is already midterm! I can’t believe the semester is already half over. Where did the time go? Won’t be long until I graduate, then the decisions come to bare. I’m still undecided on what I really want to do. A part of me is ready to strike out, see something new, but an equal part wants to stay here, keep living the life I have. I dunno, some serious contemplation is in order. I do know, however, that I am missing my motorcycle. The people are taking their sweet time putting the tires on. I could have gone to school to learn how to do it myself in the time it is taking them. I am rather displeased. My laptop got ordered, hopefully it will be in sometime next week. Maybe then my life will return to some type of normal behavior. I can actually go to the student center and do some work (I never work at home, too many distractons). Horrible that my life is so dependant on technology, but it’s my job, my life. Tomrrow is homecoming, which means I’m going to be busy all day. And I’ve got to finish up a couple of papers, which I doubt I will. Anyway, time keeps on a ticking, and I think I have a date with the stars tonight. Been a while since I took a late night walk.