So…I had a good day yesterday…cause I bought something COOL. I am now the proud owner of a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 750! *muhahahahah* I’d post a picture of it, but they are all on my phone, and I have no way to transfer them from the memory card cause my dumb laptop doesn’t work! Argg! But, anyway, I road it home yesterday, and it wasn’t as hard to get back into the swing of riding as I thought it would be. I had a couple of stalls, but mainly cause the gear sequence is different than on my dirt bike, so I had to get used to that. The transmission is a little strange because you shift down to get out of neutral, then up to upshift through the gears. Then down to downshift, but back up to go into neutral. You get all that? Much different than my car, especially since you have to REMEMBER what gear you are in. I rode it to work today and had no problems, and the best thing is I got gas…and it only cost me 6 bucks to fill up! For Premium! The only thing that does kind of bite is how impatient people are when they get behind you. For some reason when you go 65 on a motorcycle people just seem to think you are only going 40, and ride your tail all the time. Of course, the tardy students at BPC don’t help, people leaving late and trying to get to class on time, tsk tsk. I got it up to 85 this morning and one guy was still riding me, I was tempted to find a crowbar to toss back at him, he finally passed me, and then the ride was really nice. A little chilly though, I had to put on a sweater. It was intresting though, because the same route looks completely different on a bike, and it is pretty nice to just take things easy and enjoy the ride. I am definitally addicted, and I am sure I will be driving it about as much, if not more than, my car. Anyway, lemme get back to work.