Wow, it was a pretty long weekend. A very good weekend though.

Saturday I had a blast! Jon, one of the guys from church, found out I was looking to get a motorcycle and so he let me know he knew someone who had one for sale. Well, I agreed to go take a look at it, but what I didn’t know was he was going to take me to look at it on HIS motorcycle. So we got mounted up and I had about the best time I could ever imagine. I thought riding dirt bikes was awesome, but this was just amazing. I’ll admit, I had a low expectation of what I was going to find when we got to where we were going. I trust Jon, but lately my luck with finding a bike that I can afford has been horrible. The last bike I looked at was an old junker, a 79 model, and in horrible condition, and the lady wanted 1900 for it! I was floored. So I thought this was going to be a similar experience. Well, we get there and I find out it is his uncle that has the bike, he pulls it out of the garage with his other motorcycles and this thing is AMAZING! It’s a 99 Kawasaki Vulcan, with Vance and Hines pipes (LOUDDDDDDDD!!!!!!), midnight blue, and it is BEAUTIFUL. I mean this thing shines more than a brand new quarter. I was freaking out it was so nice. Then it hit me, if the crazy lady with the busted, nearly 30 year old bike wants 1900 for her junker, what is this PERFECT thing going to cost me? Well, I avoid asking the question for a few minutes, as I am just marvled by this bike, and then my brother does it for me. And what does he say? $2000! I nearly hit the ground. Needless to say, I am going by the bank today to see if we can’t work out the deal. If the bank doesn’t give me the money, I will use my kickback check. I told the guy that this bike was SOLD no matter what. I am so still riding the high!

Sunday, after church, I met up with someone I met online for lunch. We had a good talk, I think. I don’t know what is in store for the future, maybe just friends, maybe more, but right now I just liked being able to meet somebody new to talk to. I, of course, felt like a dork the entire time, but I always feel that way talking to somebody I really have no idea who they are 😛

Well, I got some work to do, and some checking for insurance and all that stuff. So I’ll post more later.