So, one more Friday down. College is slowly turning into how the prisoners used to sound about their sentances. You count the days, the weeks, the years left, and with every one knocked off, you get a little bit more hopeful for the future. It is sad that college has turned that way. I enjoyed myself so much this summer just being able to work, to be a part of a team with an actual purpose. Now I don’t get to work at all it seems, and I spend all my time sitting in classes that fail to inspire, fail to motivate. And everytime I leave them, all I know is that is one less time, out of the 54 required, that I had to be there. Of course, yesterday I did nothing, cause I was in bed pretty much all day, sick with something. Today would be the same, but I am trying not to miss class.

It looks as if I might have something big happen soon, at least I hope it will be soon. I’m not going to mention what it is right away, just because it may not happen, then I will have to go back and delete all the posts about it cause it will tick me off. So, anyway, I am slowly losing my desire to continue writing, so I am going to cut it short now. *muha*