Wow…what a long weekend. It was the weekend of the youth trip, and I got to drive the bus! Yay! We went to Valdosta, spent two days running around the park chasing kids. I managed to ride a total of one ride, and got completely and totally drenched. It was so bad I actually had to pour the water out of my shoes and ring it out of my socks. Luckily I brought a pair of flip flops, so I put those on. And of course, because I lacked proper footwear, I got bit by an ant while we were eating lunch. Normally not a big deal for most people, but since I break out into a really nasty allergic reaction, I was rather miffed. Luckily I grabbed the little bugger before he got too much time to chew on me, so I managed to not completely react. I still had a miserable hour or so while the venom worked through my system. Other than that, everything went pretty good. I had to play the big, bad, mean adult a couple of times. And there are definitally youth who aren’t allowed to return on future trips, but I guess that is sorta expected.

I took my day off Monday literally and tried not to do anything resembling work. I did, however, go and buy a Xbox 360 to go in my room, so I will have lots of late night entertainment to partake of. Finished off the night by grilling a couple of burgers and hot dogs, watched Inside Man, and Just My Luck. Today I get to get back into the swing of things. I’m at work now, then chapel, then lab (oh boy!), then I need to work some more, and then I get to spend some time in the library (ok, a lot of time).

But, each day brings me closer to getting out of here, so I can’t complain too much. I think I am craving just some kind of change, anything to break the routine. There are a couple of things in the works, but I don’t see them getting anywhere. I haven’t heard anything about my grandfather, so I am guessing no news is good news. Anyway, I have a bit of catching up to do so I better get to it.