So, I got my class schedule all fixed now. The cancelled class has been reinstated, which means I am taking 16 hours now instead of 13, which is ok. Of course I only have 11 hours worth of classes to take next semester, so I gotta figure that out, but things will be ok. As long as all the classes I need are offered, I can graduate. Yay!

So I was doing my homework for Business Leadership last night, reading the book and all, and it was talking about a leader setting goals and accomplishing them. That made me think of my own life, and how I haven’t really been living a goal oriented life. I’ve just been trying to scrape by with what I “have” to do to make the grade, or to eventually graduate. Well, this isn’t working for me anymore, as I am trying to setup a “new life” where I throw away the old stuff that is bogging me down, refine who I am, what I am about, and how I want my life to be. Yah, sounds like a lot of psychobabble, but I am tired of living the life of someone who just gets by, I want a full life, and I want a rich life. Everybody break out your copy of “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. I did some research last night, finally found out the things I really needed to know, and I made some goals for the next few years:

1. Graduate from Brewton-Parker College with a BBA in Computer Information Services, having a 3.0 GPA.
2. Take the GMAT, and score a minimum of 600.
3. Attend Gerogia State University, completing the requirements for a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems in one year.
4. Attend Georgia State University, completing the requirements for a PhD in Computer Information Systems in two years.

Now these are just professional goals. I have many more personal goals which are none of your business 😛 I have been an average person, with average goals for way too long. My life is already riddled with accomplishments, and I realized that anything I have really put my mind to, I have actually completed. And you know what? I already feel different. The things that have been bugging me are already forgotten as I strive to meet these new goals. I am ready for the future. Are you?