Wow, just got off of work. I’ve been running and working hard all day long. I’m so tired I could really care about nothing other than getting in bed and sleeping for a few hours. No resolution in the thing that has been bugging me for a while now. I’ve come to expect that it won’t ever be resolved, and sadly I have accepted that. I wish things could be different, but I don’t have much say so in the matter. Anywho, gonna be another long weekend, with nothing to really do. But I’m working on that, and maybe soon my weekends will be filled up from now until whenever. Not getting my hopes up yet, we’ll see what happens. News on other fronts…today was my last full day of work. I’m still going to go in every day at 8, just cause it’s good to be in the routine. I think I am going to try to get up really early though and start running. I gotta get in shape if I am gonna be “available”. Well, I need to get in shape regardless, but I guess that is just a bit of motivation. Probably won’t ever actually do it, but again, we’ll see. But anyway, I start working 4 hour days starting Monday, so that’ll be a little bit of a relief. The rest of the time I’ll just sit around the student center, as usual. Now I just need to go to a good bookstore and find me a good book to read while I do nothing, and I will be set. So I think that’s all I feel like talking about.