Ever feel like you are being avoided? Or rather, ever know you are being avoided, and can’t figure out why? One of those annoying things about humanity. Cause everybody else knows why. Everybody else knows exactly what is going on, but you. And nobody can tell you…cause it’s a big secret. So you go on about your business, wondering what it is you have done that is so horrible that people don’t want to have anything to do with you besides what is necessary for the base civility accepted worldwide. And then everybody looks at you in pity…but still doesn’t tell you. I guess the problem is I like straight answers. And no matter what, I never seem to get straight answers. Maybe I need to learn to conform to the world, and accept answers that are vague, meaningless, and give you no clue as to actually why people act like you have the plague and must keep a ten foot radius from you, lest they catch it and become as avoided and generally disliked as you. Oh, don’t worry, it’s not a dislike for you exactly, it’s a dislike for having to talk to you because they are then put in the awkward situation of trying to avoid you while talking to you. Of course, this puts you in the mindset that there really is something wrong with you, and that you may have actually done something completely wrong, but can’t figure out what that is because you again don’t get a straight answer from anybody about anything. So while the rest of the world knows exactly what is wrong, you are left on your own, fabricating thousands of reasons why the rest of the world doesn’t want anything to do with you, which gives you a complex because you start to believe that every one of those thousand things is REALLY wrong with you, and that maybe you are just a horrible person in general. And then you start to think that maybe you should have never come here, that you could have saved lots of money, a good job, and a life that already sucked to begin with by staying where you were. Which generally puts you in an even worse mood than before, which just goes to compound the situation even worse. Confused yet? I most definitally am.

The moral of the story: If people don’t stop acting like I can kill them with my presence, and start treating me like the friend I have always been to everyone else, I’m gonna pop a blood vessel in my brain. I’m tired of vague answers and pity looks.