Yay. So, more than likely I have a job with Technology this school year. Wheee! Good thing, cause for some reason my workstudy has gone bye bye. But, this also means I don’t have to work the lab at night! Or weekends! Maybe. We are soooo stinkin busy trying to get everything ready for everybody to get back. The lightning damage isn’t helping, either. I am SURE we will have tons of calls once everybody gets back into the dorms about this not working, or that not working. It’s going to be a thrill ride, I am sure.

I STILL haven’t heard anything about the insurance for my laptop. I am going into like tweaker withdraws. I need my laptop! And a new cell phone. That one has to wait a little bit though 🙁 But, I am getting one! Smartphone here I come! Any other exciting news? I can’t remember, so I guess not.