Sometimes I wonder if a cell phone is worth the blasted hassle they cause! So, I get my first bill in today since I changed a whole bunch of stuff, and they put two months on one bill. Two full months, mind you. Not a pro-rated month, then a full month. Two full months. Now why couldn’t they send me a bill for June, AND a bill for July, they have to do BOTH at once. And of course, the stuff I told them to take off, like the Vcast TV thing that doesn’t work, they left on, so I gotta pay for stuff I don’t even use. If I ever could get them to understand that I don’t want this stupid application for my phone life would be grand, the world would sing in harmony.

In other news, I missed my bed. My car’s seats get really hard right around 7 hours. And paying for gas is way too expensive. Started back to work today, yay. And I am ready for life to begin sometime SOON.