Ok…so, I made this great plan to liberate Scott from the clutches of his parents and the dungeon of the attic (kinda ironic that an attic can be considered a dungeon…but I digress…), but upon further examination of said plan, I realized I don’t have an attic in which to put him…Sorry Scott

The dreaded day has almost arrived, Saturday at about 5 frickin A.M. I gotta get up and hit the road. All the other drivers better not make me mad, cause I do travel with my 9MM, and I will not hesitate to get road rage and go all Californian. But I’ll do it with the loving spirit of a pastor…amen. So I will be outta pocket for an entire week. I’d say if you need me, call me, but 1) I doubt anybody will need me, 2) I don’t think anybody has my number. If you do happen to need me, and don’t happen to have my number, you will happen to have to suffer. Bad English, I am aware, but I had to keep the happen thing going.

In other news, I gotta ton of crap to get done before I go to bed tonight. Like wash clothes, change the oil in my car, clean my car out, pack, really need to get my alignment done, but that one isn’t happening. I must enjoy my last day of freedom, because dad called last night, and he has a “list of things for me to do.” Which means I am going to be working NONSTOP until I leave next Saturday. And I’m having laptop withdrawls. DARN IT.