Wow…it’s like mondo hot today. Temp reads at 93, and supposed to feel like 95, but I say it’s lying, how does a computer know what it feels like? To me it feels like it’s 10402940 degress outside. I walked to the Gus just now and got my afternoon snack, the chocolate was melted before I even got back to my desk! But…on the upside, this Yoohoo tastes like it was in a freezer. Course, we’ve all gotten a drink from the Gus, and we all know their coolers keep stuff about 1 degree colder than body temp, so it’s gotta be steamy for their drinks to feel cold. I spent all day yesterday trying to locate a new tablet for a decent price, with the vain hope that the insurance company will 1) cover mine from the lightning, and 2) they don’t try to make me fix the chared remains of my computer. Since I already have one picked out, I am sure they either won’t cover it, or make me repair my old one, which will bite cause once a computer has had a million volts running through it, it just isn’t the same no matter how much you replace on it. So, scrap the bionic computer, you can’t rebuild it, you can’t make it better, and let’s bring in next year’s model! I gotta do something though, cause if I don’t have a computer for Rachel and Lawson to use me for, they won’t hang around me anymore 😛

Anyway, I’m getting paid to work, so I might as well work.