It’s Friday! Friday, Friday, Friday! Long live the weekend! Ok, enough of that. What is it with Friday’s and waking up late? I always wake up late on Friday, I guess cause I am trying to make it Saturday early or something. Course, it could be cause I got a call at 11:10 last night that some kids were up at the church being loud and I had to go check it out. Normally Terry and I go, but he was gone still, so my gun and I went, just to be sure. As usual though, they were gone by the time I arrived, which I was kinda thankful for, cause I didn’t want to shoot anybody last night. I felt like shooting someone though, cause everything I cooked for supper got screwed up! Arg! Such a waste of money! Fortunately I think my peanut butter cookies came out very good, so that is a plus. I have to leave straight from work to go to Tifton and meet up with Terry and Kat, so that’ll be spiffy. Anywho, I’mma start beating on the keyboard in the work way.