Happy 800th day of being a Xanga member…whooptie doo! They really gotta change that message up after a certian number. I mean…I’ve been a member for over two years and that’s all I have seen…course I’ve only been logging into my Xanga for the last three weeks, but that doesn’t count. I demand variety! So, the mysterious problem with the computers has been solved. Don’t ask what cause it, cause I have no earthly idea, and I have no idea why the solution works, just be happy that it does. Roughly nine days till I head to Louisiana, will be nice to have some time off. And by time off, I really mean time in which my dad has loads of work for me to do around the house. Ok, so it isn’t going to be that nice, but anyway, I’ll be quasi-home. That place really isn’t home anymore, but I can’t let THEM know that, well, yah I can, but they’d all freak or something. Hopefully my grandfather is doing better, I’ll find out when Terry and Kat get back tomorrow. It’s funny, all the things I had planned to do this week went out the window. But, anywho, time to really get some work done (by work I mean sit here until the phone rings or something intresting happens).