Ever wake up and things just don’t feel right? You get one of those, “Did I leave the toaster on, the oven going, and the coffee pot steaming while on vacation” feelings, and for the longest time things just aren’t right till you figure out what’s going on. That’s where I am today, and I hate days like that. Of course, this would be the day I slept late, which means me running around the house trying to get ready. Took me forever to find a matching pair of socks, the list could go on forever. The good things is, IT’S FRIDAY, and after work starts a four day weekend. Yay for July 4th! I still won’t be even keel, though, until I figure out what is off center and nudge it back level. I guess I just have a lot of things going on right now. My grandfather is back in the hospital again, and I think they actually figured out what is wrong with him, means he is gonna have to have surgery done, which bites, but maybe things will get straightened out then.

My birthday was pretty good yesterday. Everybody in Technology took me out to eat, and we spent like two hours at the resturant talking and relaxing, so I didn’t get anything done yesterday, hehe. Treva bought me a load of candy bars cause I am always going to the Gus and getting something to eat. Then, I got home and we had steaks, mmmmm. Watched Failure to Launch to round off the night. Wasn’t a bad movie, rare to find a chick flick that is funny enough to watch. Still haven’t heard from my parents, but I didn’t expect to with all the stuff going on with my grandfather.

I guess what has me off is there is some stuff going on that I really need to figure out, but won’t be able to for awhile. Arg.