So, everybody I know is gone for the summer, that’s typical, I usually hang out with my brother, or something to that effect. Nope…not this summer. I get to work this summer! Which, working is great cause I get to pay my bills, but bleh, 8-5 gets REAL boring after a while. I am so worn out after work, that I get home and just fall into the chair and veg out. I am WAY too used to a college schedule, where you get to sleep in pretty much every day, stay up late, and only do like two or three things in a day. Let’s seeee….what else is going on? I turn 23 tomorrow. Yay? I figured by 23 I would have more done in my life, but this is my first go at this, so I’m not getting things right most of the time 😛 Maybe if I could do things over again. Yah, we’d all like that, I am sure. But, anyway, happy birthday to me. Big decisions for the future are on the horizon, but those I have to keep hush hush. Just know that things have the possibility to be craaazzzzy for a little while. Oh well, we’ll see what happens. I guess I better get back to work.