You may find yourself asking, “What’s this all about?” I’m rather glad you asked. You did ask, didn’t you?

Synaptic Thought is the little niche of the Internet I have carved out for myself. It has no purpose but to be my playground! As a result, it’s the focal point of my thoughts, ideas, ramblings, and just general nonsensical behavior. I use Synaptic Thought as an outlet, a way for me to tell the world what I am thinking. You should use it as an outlet as well, everything I post (for the most part) will allow comments, and I will only moderate those comments in a very limited way.

You might ask, “What will I find here?” I’m glad you asked that as well.

Synaptic Thought is a combonation of my Internet activties. You’ll find archives of old blogs, archives of new blogs, posts I’ve made at other websites, original content I have created, original content I have stolen from other people, and unoriginal content I have stolen from people who have stolen from other people. I look forward to sharing some of my creativity with you. If you will notice, some sections of the website may require you to be a registered user. While I value the free flow of information, and enjoy the transperancy the Internet allows, some things just aren’t for the public’s eyes.

You could now ask, “How do I see these things?” You’re just asking all the right questions today.

I have registration for the website open, meaning anyone can create a user. I know it seems a little strange to require registration in order to keep some things private, but then allow anyone to register for the website. This is simply an issue of moderation. I want to know who is looking at my restricted information. Restricted information you may find if you register for the site may include my personal blog, information about work I am doing, more detail about who I am, and things of that nature.

There is much more to be said, and you’ll be able to find lots of information about this site all over the place. If you have any questions, you know where to find me! Now get those synapses firing!